David Steele

David Steele has spent more than two decades working politics and public policy. During his tenure in the U.S. Senate, David worked in a variety of capacities for Senator Dennis DeConcini, including serving as co-chair of the Western Senate Coalition’s Clean Air Act re-authorization staff working group. Later on David served as the facilitator for the successful Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan Steering Committee for Pima County, resulting in the overwhelming voter passage of the Pima County Open Space bond in 2004.

Since establishing SIMG, David has worked in various capacities on numerous political campaigns throughout the country, with a high degree of success. He has served as the principal general consultant for statewide and local races, prepared critical campaign research, and developed campaign plans, strategies and deliverables.

Currently, David manages the outreach and communications for the Sahuarita Farms project for FICO. This project is a master planning effort that will ensure that as the FICO farmland transitions to other uses over the next 40-50 years it will reflect the community’s vision.